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Pleiadian Portal Portal Open For Connection & Remembrance

By Jelelle Awen

The Pleiadian Portal is open for the next week until May 24th, peaking on May 20th-21st when the sun is aligned with Alcyone, the brightest of the seven sister stars in the constellation. The Pleiadian energy frequencies are a high vibration of pure love, unity consciousness, and crystalline-coded light.

Having gone through their own descension to ascension process, Pleiadians are both supportive of humanity’s journey and compassionate about the challenges we are going through during this transition. Connecting with them brings forward the energy of the Founders (Lyra) and reminder of the DNA seeding within us (in our every cell) that is ‘the best’ of what humanity can be when our hearts are open, our souls are awake and our bodies are light filled.

I began to connect yesterday with a Pleiadian guide named Alona that came forward during meditation. Tuning into dolphins and whales opens up a bridge to them easily as they are descendants of the Pleiadian DNA in its more pure and higher frequency form. What a blessing to connect with Alona, backlit in bright blue with light blond hair and blue eyes, all regal and queenly, pure heart and flooding me with soul rememberance and love.

She supported me to feel remaining places of separation consciousness (which manifests as fear or pain), especially related to my physical body transition to living on more light/prana/into menopause, ongoing service inhabitations (including trust in alchemy/money flow), and deeper co-creation with Raphael.

Filled up with her love, it was not surprising to me that the session I had later in the day with a beautiful soul opened up a bridge to her Pleiadian aspect as well…who felt similar and perhaps the same as Alona. Her Pleiadian opened up a field of unity consciousness remembrance by inviting her to swim with dolphins in the most crystal charged waters.

During this journey, I played my heart sound bowl and offered tones/light language, as she received the messages, codes, downloads that her Pleiadian aspect moved through her. The struggles and challenges of 3D life came through represented in her 3D self in a swimming pool, treading water with all her clothes on.

The contrast between the easy, flowing energies of Oneness with the dolphins and the heavy, effort of the swimming pool felt like the perfect representation of what it is like to BE human within a human body.

Treading water with all of your clothes on. All that effort and not really going anywhere. Stuck in a confined space with no ‘escape’ seeming possible.

This also felt like what it is like to be anchored to the karmic field of 4D as her Gatekeeper (soul guardian/keeper of the veil of amnesia) showed himself as a ‘giant’ and yet he has been reduced to despairing witness, unable to assist, save, or intervene for many human 3D lifetimes.

I felt her Pleiadian aspect honoring both the human experience and the Gatekeeper’s reality though…even as there is now an ongoing invitation (as there is to ALL of us) to transition out of the confining pools of 3D consciousness and 4D karmic field to remember and embody more of her soul essence in everyday life.

Connecting to your Pleiadian aspect during this portal can bring you into places of homecoming, remembering your soul’s essence, creating a bigger space within you to hold the emotional, spiritual and physical healing/upgrades that occur during awakening. This can be a deeply personal experience, not just taking in someone else’s channeled messages, yet feeling flow through you these energies AS you. Bridging to your Gatekeeper can open up this access in a deeper, more visceral way.

Raphael and I will be offering a sound healing/guided meditation transmission Pleiadian journey video soon (probably on Sunday) and here is some whale/dolphin music to assist in the journey:

Here’s a guided meditation to connect with your Gatekeeper:

More info about 1:1 sessions with me (and other Facilitators) to open up the bridge to empower, support, and amplify YOUR acc to Divine, self or embodiment healing here.

Love during this magical portal,

Jelelle Awen


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