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Your Gatekeeper: The Most Important Aspect In Your Awakening Process That You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

Updated: May 21

By Jelelle Awen

A unique and important aspect of my awakening and work with people in Divine Self Embodiment has been to connect with the 4D Protector, or what I also call the, ‘Gatekeeper’. The Gatekeeper is a 4D-based energy that can be experienced when we awaken and open up our metaphysical access beyond the five senses, especially through negotiation with our 3D Inner Protector and the activation and cleaning of our upper three chakras. It is a multidimensional energy in our soul that protects and guards over our soul gifts, our soul purpose, manifestation of our soul power, and our connection to the Divine. The Gatekeeper also connects us with Divine inspiration and acts as a Divine muse.​

The Gatekeeper is a loyal protector and our most devoted guardian on mostly an existential/soul level. It is at a higher vibrational frequency and consciousness from the energy of your 3D Inner Protector part, who is more concerned with your everyday, strategic, practical, and self-image-based life. The Gatekeeper is usually angelic, wizard, or warrior looking/feeling, and typically a masculine feeling presence. It can very often show up as a magical animal too, such as a dragon…or shapeshift between human and animal forms.

The Gatekeeper has been ‘assigned’ to you by the Divine to serve as a guardian of your soul gifts, soul experiences, soul purpose this life, and to provide a pipeline of love to support your arising 5D Divine Self. Its primary role is as the key keeper or memory keeper, allowing you access to remember and feel aspects from other timelines and lifetimes when you are ready.

Through the process and sessions with your Facilitator, your Gatekeeper and other 4D aspects begin to trust the Divine again and start to bring you visceral and authentic experiences of your Metasoul (your individuated, soul source 5D consciousness field) and consciousness states attained from other lives at a rate and pace that both your growing 4D and 5D Self and your Gatekeeper can digest in an embodied way. Deep and lasting karmic healing happens as a result of this opening from within.

Your Gatekeeper starts to collaborate with you in a negotiated way to awaken your soul frequencies, which includes multidimensional travels, deeper development of your soul gifts, and increasing clarity about your soul purpose service of love expression.

Initial Connection With My Gatekeeper

I first felt the presence of my Gatekeeper in 2008, while I was going through a dark night of the soul recovery period after leaving a spiritual group with an over domineering and narcissistic leader that I had been deeply involved with for five years. I was very emotionally fragile during this period after no longer having contact with any of my previous friends or loved ones who remained in the group. I was going through ongoing detox symptoms from being in the group and had also started writing on public blog about my recovery process. As I was going through this process, I started to feel an intense and protective Ethereal presence over my right shoulder during this time.

I connected with this energy and realized that it was not the same as a guardian angel, spirit guides, Archangels, or Ascended Teachers as they have pure love and light frequencies. The energy of this being was heavy, guarded, mysterious, and, therefore, intriguing to me. I was given the name of ‘Daemon’ eventually to call him, yet he was not demonic or dark feeling at all.

I then discovered that some teachers, including Socrates, have suggested that those souls who have incarnated with a sense of purpose, leading a spiritual offering or teaching, would be given the help of a Gatekeeper (which Socrates actually called ‘Daemons’) to follow what they’ve signed up to do in this lifetime. It turns out that I was tuning into this same energy that had come forward to help me in the next phase of my awakening and through the difficult time I was going through. I feel that we all probably have one, yet it may not get ‘activated’ if the soul isn’t awakening yet out of the 3D Self consciousness.

Over the years since then, I have experienced many versions and forms of my personal Gatekeeper and worked with hundreds of others in connecting with theirs as well. Eventually, many versions of my Gatekeeper ascended into higher consciousness states again, returned ‘home’ to be in the Angelic realm, and I was left with pretty fluid and direct access to my soul field. A Gatekeeper of a particular soul theme would show up for me still (such as one for my priestess soul lineage) and I will connect with them for quantum healing of this linage and the soul patterns/themes within in….without a need to access every lifetime.

I feel that this is the process of Ascension from the lower 4D karmic field to the 5D Metasoul consciousness field (and beyond) is meant to happen for our Gatekeepers eventually after time spent connecting with them and healing soul timelines. There is more about my awakening experiences with Metasoul aspects and Gatekeepers in my book Keep Waking Up!

Story of the Gatekeepers & What They Need Now

​What I have gathered as the story of the Gatekeepers over the years is this: It seems that somewhere along the way, as human consciousness developed and yet we became more and more separated from the Divine, each other, our planet, and animals (which is what our soul chose to do here), our Gatekeepers became overly invested in our journey and our lives in 3D. As they became overly invested, they began to feel more and more separated from Divine Source themselves and more involved in 3D human struggles, pain, and emotional wounding.

They became ‘fused’ to their mission and lost the bigger picture of what their mission REALLY was. One of the missions for our Gatekeeper is about protecting the inner feminine and opening up access to the Divine Feminine-Mother for both men and woman, and also allowing access to our 4D Star Seed/Divine Orphan Child. Like having an overly protective parent, we cannot access and express these frequencies in the ways that we most desire and need to when the Gatekeeper’s energy is blocking it.​

The Gatekeeper itself started to carry a legacy of pain that ‘moved forward’ and is experienced by them with every timeline of our soul. The karmic drama loops and patterns in our lifetimes bleed through to them and they can feel/hear/sense/see them. They have shown me many times in sessions how they feel like ‘helpless witnesses’ to the play outs of our soul’s many traumas and pains occurring in looping patterns. One Gatekeeper described their existence as, ‘like watching horror movies on loop over and over again with no means to turn them off.’

The Gatekeepers have also become helpless to assist us in our 3D human emotional pain and wounding (experienced in every lifetime we incarnate into the 3D Matrix). In addition to being unable to heal their own 4D pain, feelings of isolation and abandonment, and often violent and tortuous experiences from our soul lives/timelines. They are torn between their own needs getting met (for the first time even realizing that they have needs!) and their mission from the mysterious Divine (which they feel disconnected from) to meet the needs of the human they’ve been assigned to protect.

​Gatekeepers, at least the ones that we’ve met, seem to have become overly invested in the humans they’ve served. They feel estranged from the Divine and other Ethereal Beings who have not chosen service in this form and, as I previously said, hold an undigested emotional legacy of pain and intense energies from experiencing both the shadow and light aspects of the human condition through so many timelines. They feel very isolated and alone, as they are purposefully disconnected from other Gatekeepers in order to serve their mission.

Remaining unhealed, the intense energies of the Gatekeeper can express in the form of what has been called ‘demonic energy possession’ and also can draw shadow-based entities into your life and into your soul field. I also believe this unhealed energy in the Gatekeeper allows implants/Matrix plugs in the auric field to remain there, along with unhealed woundings in the 3D emotional body. This can manifest in feeling extreme depression and despair, suicidal thoughts and feelings, plus isolation and acute loneliness.

​It seems now that they need us. They need us to connect with them, to feel them, help them heal, and to trust life is safe enough for them to share with us the past life experiences and legacy that they have carried. They need the 5D sacred human heart and its’ capacity for compassion and love.

They need to feel us holding and healing our own human emotional pain, 3D self parts, and Inner Child aspects of ourselves that are hurting. They need to feel that there is an emotionally and spiritual mature, centered version of us there that can respond to them, be in practical daily life as a sacred practice, and connect with the Divine in a grounded and intimate way without turning it into a belief system, paradigm, or fundamentalist religion (False God or False Light).

They need to feel the invitation to rest and surrender that the Divine is offering to them and can only seem to accept this if they feel us getting what we need and if we are actively negotiating with them. They need to be connected to their ‘new mission’, which is open up access to our soul field with us in a collaborative way that doesn’t flood our body and being with too much intensity.

They also need to unanchor and separate from the frequencies of the 3D Inner Protector, which is often fused to them in some way. They need to feel us connect to our soul aspects in many lifetimes and heal the soul patterns of karmic pain and suffering loops, completing the incarnational ‘trap’ cycle into the Matrix over and over again since the Fall of Atlantis.​

Under Or Over Expression Of A Gatekeeper

Villianizing a Gatekeeper and being afraid of it or experiencing it only as its shadow or demonic energy (trailing edge) expression is one of the key soul woundings that can fester, leading to a vicious cycle of even more shadow expression, suppression of spiritual expression, and on and on. In our process, we offer to lovingly feel the ways that we might move beyond “demonizing” our Gatekeepers by feeling or not making bad the full spectrum of reality that they have to offer us; by embracing the dark and the light; by feeling and healing our fears of confronting our own shadow that they are here to help illuminate for us. One of the main ways can be feeling and healing soul aspect memories and karmic wounds where they were persecuted and tortured, which usually contribute to fears that the Gatekeeper has of us expressing our bigness and soul gifts this life.

​When a Gatekeeper has chosen suppression rather than outward expression in your life, than you may have the sense that you are an atheist, unspiritual, have phases where you were drawn to mainstream religions more as a cultural choice, or judge yourself as being too dense to really understand soul realities or have spiritual experiences. You may feel blocked to opening up your third eye gifts or other ‘clair’ abilities. The 3D-based frequencies of the Inner Protector may be more dominant too with tendencies toward the rational, reason-based, factual, and left brained.

​If your Gatekeeper is overly expressing in your life than you may struggle with embodiment issues, be drawn to ‘dark’ groups and teachers, transcend your emotions or have intense feelings of despair and even suicidal urges, have many physical body ailments, use your spiritual gifts to cope and as a medication to suppress your other parts, and have difficulty with intimacy and sexual expression in relationships.

Many long-term, dedicated spiritual seekers and teachers may fall into this category, if their Gatekeeper has taken over their seat of being with no room for the ‘human’ to express. The narcissist program can take root in an overly involved Gatekeeper expression and may be what contributes to the cycles of abuse in False Light guru/devotee situations.

Becoming A Divine Bridge

Over time engaging in the DSE process, you’ll become more fluid and comfortable with this communication and a relationship based on mutual respect and negotiated needs develops between you and your Gatekeeper, who becomes a beloved member of your team. We help to identify the expression of your 5D Divine self from the expression of your Gatekeeper through starting connection with your 3D Primary Selves and especially your Inner Protector. We discover and uncover with you why your Gatekeeper has developed the strategies and coping mechanisms that it has.

We’ll feel and take in the soul aspects and the timelines that it become increasingly more available for you to download. The primary ground of the relationship is between you and this fascinating part of you; we are here to support, guide, and model for you along the way.

​You are sovereignly in charge of your own process, even as there may be moments where your Facilitator challenges you and your Gatekeeper to feel something difficult, painful, and invite you into deeper levels of surrender to God/Oneness/Divine. You will be offered choice points along the way that invite you to feel into all aspects of your life, including your personal and family relationships. This invitation can be accepted, negotiated, or rejected.

​Gatekeepers help us connect with the Divine in a way that is deeply intimate, inspiring, and personal. They ache for us to move beyond a dependency on the church or guru system and instead find and connect to the wisdom and access that they are here to offer us. This access and connection in a personal way seems to be a crucial step in the consciousness evolution of our species.

​The deepening of this relationship with you and your Gatekeeper (and your 3D Inner Protector first) can lead to profound changes in your life — in an internal way that opens up inside of you, yet also externally related to your professional and career choices, family and personal relationships, habits and coping mechanisms, and even your physical appearance. For women, much more femininity can begin to flood their being as they get more separation and healing from the Gatekeeper’s strong masculine frequencies and karmic patriarchal wounds in their Metasoul. The depth and level of change is up to you (and your Gatekeeper), yet the amount of transformation seems to be limitless, and also paced at a rate that you can move through without overly suffering.​

As you consciously connect with your Gatekeeper through the DSE Process, they are offered a new way of being with the soul aspects and with the Divine. The False God experience is replaced by remembrance of true Divine connection and love. Your Gatekeeper starts to bring you visceral and authentic experiences of your higher dimensional Metasoul and consciousness states obtained from other lives. They can unanchor from fear frequencies in the lower 4D Matrix and help you identify which archetypal patterns your soul is exploring. This awareness allows you to complete them and transcend them.

The Gatekeeper provides this access at a rate and pace that is negotiated with you, one that both your growing Essence and your Gatekeeper can digest in an embodied way. Deep, quantum, and lasting karmic healing happens as a result of this opening from within with your Gatekeeper. Your Gatekeeper starts to cooperate with you in a negotiated way to awaken your soul frequencies, which includes multidimensional travel, deeper development of your soul gifts, and increasing clarity about your soul purpose, service of love expression.

​The Gatekeeper starts to modulate your access to your soul timelines, figuring out how to open up doorways to the timelines that need your love ambassadorship at the right time and right pace when the Metasoul Aspects will be the most receptive. Through collaboration with your Gatekeeper, you gain more and more fluid access to these other lifetimes of your soul without need for anyone else to read them out for you or perform past life regressions or soul retrievals for you.

The Gatekeeper has a range and spectrum of consciousness expression, from 3D (that is more the Inner Protector) to Lower 4D, Upper 4D, and 5D. It can shift into whatever guard is needed at the portal of these dimensional consciousness states. The upper consciousness frequencies of the Gatekeeper can be experienced as you awaken and open up your metaphysical access beyond the five senses, especially through negotiation with your 3D Inner Protector and through the activation and cleaning of your upper three Ascension Chakras.

​Eventually, as it heals and learns to let go, the Gatekeeper seems to ascend then to 5D and higher and you may even have periods without one. I am currently in a phase for the last few years of feeling direct connection and embodiment with my 5D Divine self most of the time, plus many Spirit Guides/Ascended Teachers/Guardian Angels, and many Metasoul aspects. I do connect with my gatekeeper still who calls herself “Lucia (meaning light)” and is usually anchored in a restful place of broadcasting our purpose and message to the world and other dimensions.

Here is a guided meditation to connect with your Gatekeeper:

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