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To Your Inner Protector And Gatekeeper: It is time to trust your heart

Inviting your Inner Protector and Gatekeeper now....

to trust that it is safe to feel

to drop into what hasn't seemed able to be felt,

to be processed, to be understood, to be reconciled

to trust YOU and your human heart

that you WANT to feel to heal

that you don't want to bypass, disconnect or avoid

your traumas, pains, sufferings anymore.

You don't want to be shut off from deeper intimacy

with others anymore.

Letting them see that you are an awakening adult now

not a helpless child or teenager that they need to protect.

Showing them this child within you is no longer powerless,

yet feeling empowered by love with you and fully claimed again as a child of the divine.

Reminding your Protectors that they are not meant

to be so possessive, so suppressive,

so dense and tense in their armoring, their vigilance, their anxiety.

Your Protector and Gatekeepers can now shift

from guard to guide; from block to channel; from jailor to playmate.....

from feeling like negative or dark energies hiding in shadows

to shining their light, to revealing the deep and loyal guardians they have always been for you since your first breath this life

and even in the womb and for many lifetimes

This is such an honorable relationship

which is now ready to upgrade, to be known,

and to shift. Their protective strategies only serve now

to keep your heart closed, your mind in charge, and your will

anchored to personal ego.

The Divine invites your Protectors now to lean into

your human heart rather than judging it as fallible and fragile;

to trust that vulnerability, intimacy, and being with your feelings

are actually STRENGTHS and what you have come here to integrate and embody as a sacred human.

Divine Mother supports you both and all to open your hearts,

to find your 'rightful' place and dimensions, to align to your

soul purpose, to serve and become love.

Divine Mother makes the space safe enough for all fear to dissolve.

To your Protectors:

Thank you for your service in protecting so many human hearts

when we were too hijacked to safely be in our vulnerability.

This is shifting now as we move into our sacred humanity and embody our divinity THROUGH our hearts and emotional bodies.

Thank you for your service AND

it is time to drop the sword, masks, and weapons...

and let yourself be known and felt and loved in your actually divine essence.

It is time....finally to receive and become the love that you ARE.


Jelelle Awen with Divine Mother....

Here is a video of this read and transmitted by me:

This is inspired by connecting with so many beloved gatekeepers/protectors in myself and others over the years in sessions and the great honor it is to be trusted by them. If you'd like to experience the incredible healing power of this inner bridge, there is more info about 1:1 sessions

Here is a meditation to meet your Inner Protector:


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