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Sirius Gateway/Lion’s Gate Void Experience As Your Inner World Upgrades

This time of year seems to usually mean embracing some sort of void space within and in our lives, in one form or other. It’s about emptying out to be filled back up again. It’s about upgrading our hearts, lifting our souls, remembering why we’re here as we let go of what and who doesn’t align. This letting go can so often include letting go of ideals and ideas, or even old ways of being that have started to feel like a layer of skin that we’ve been struggling to shrink to fit instead of naturally move around it.

It’s an energizing, activating, inspiring time for me personally every year, yet also one of pregnant pauses and taking stock while feeling grief of what was in order to make room for what wants to become real. This year, I especially feel this sacred passage of upgrading from not only an old consciousness but also an entire approach to myself AND my life as a whole that once WAS the upgrade but is now feeling like too much of a ceiling.

For me, this shift is about an old ‘self’ within me, a part of me that has had very specific ways of relating to life, love, and service. This isn’t just about a process for her of letting go of something that ‘no longer serves’, yet is very much about her expanding more to embrace her light and brightness, her own expression of bigness and full hearted-ness from within me.

There’s always been an invitation to love ourselves as we are right now… with whatever is rumbling in our hearts and our souls. And alongside that, there’s always been an invitation to feel into what could be a next expression of ourselves in all areas of our lives and the support we need in order to step into that. There continues to be so much to heal inwardly as we connect outwardly in romance, in service, in community, in all of life itself.

This Sirius Gateway and incoming Lion’s Gate is an amplification of the ongoing invitation to be real, to be vulnerable, to be open, and to get ready for what wants to arise from within us and also come into our lives as opportunities for our dreams to keep seeding and being lived out.

Walking this out as clumsily and yet gracefully as a lion cub, right alongside you! So much to learn and yet so much to love as we go…


Kasha ♥️


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, Divine Self Embodiment Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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