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Sirius 7:7 Gateway Energy Update & Guided Meditation: First Transmission In Six Lion's Gate Lovestream Series W/Raphael & Jelelle

Sirius 7:7 Gateway Meditation & Sound Healing Transmission Activation: First One in the Lion's Gate Lovestream Series:

In this lovestream recorded live on Facebook yesterday, Divine Self Embodiment Teachers Raphael and Jelelle shared about and tuned into the current Sirius Gateway occurring from July 3rd to July 7th 7:7 portal. This gateway brings in the codes of the heliacal rising of Sirius, when it becomes visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise after having been hidden from view due to its closeness to the Sun.

In Egyptian timelines, this Sirian gateway was a major event, celebrating the annual flooding of the river Nile which supported agriculture and connected to Isis, representing fertility and motherhood and it marked the beginning of the New Year. So, this is a good bridge to connect with Egyptian timelines for karmic healing (usually) and with Mother Isis (peaking on Lion's Gate 8/8).

This Sirian Gateway is a time where powerful cosmic and galactic energies and connections are available. Sirius as our 'spiritual sun' opens up spiritual awakening, enhanced intuition, and a deeper connection with the Divine. This can be particularly important passage for our star seed self/child to receive star family support and connection during this time of enhanced transition (peaking matrix) here for humanity.

During this lovestream, we played our 432HZ quartz crystal bowls to offer higher energy frequencies for clearing and opening in your body, emotional and soul fields, plus a guided meditation and light language/toning to connect you with your Sirius aspect/star seed/star family/gateway energies....whatever wants to come forward in this Now.

Thank you to those of you who joined us live and shared comments in the chat. You are welcome to share your experience any time or questions and we will respond to your comments. You can see the comments here:

This lovestream is the first in a six week series of transmissions to prep for and let in the upgrades available during the powerful Lion’s Gate portal that peaks on August 8th. Lion's Gate is a time of heightened cosmic energy, offering opportunities for significant lifting of the veils of awareness, and acceleration of emotional/physical/spiritual growth and transformation. During Lion's Gate, alignment of the Sun in Leo, the star Sirius, and Orion’s Belt, occurs creating a powerful energetic field for weeks before and after.

We are being guided that significant upgrade codes for new and next levels of consciousness are being offered during this time/year of 2024 for those awakening souls ready to receive and embody them.

These Lion's Gate lovestreams will be offered weekly on Wednesday (other than on Thursday, August 8th) live on Facebook at 18:00-19:00/6:00pm-7:00pm UK/Portugal timezone - 1pm EDT. 7/3, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, and 8/8.

Here is more info about this Lions Gate lovestream prep and bridge to activation series - free live on FB, recordings available on FB and You Tube:

July 3 lovestream (recording above)- Sirius Gateway/Star Seed - introduction bridge to star seed aspect and connection to cosmic/galactic/Divine self consciousness to allow for receiving of transmissions to come

July 10 - Body detox & light body bridge - Upgrade body vessel to hold more light and soul remembrance consciousness and codes through sharing about transitioning to a diet with less toxicity/density and more light foods (such as fruit); offering transmission for detox, recoding, and alignment with light body.

July 17 - Emotional trauma & 3D programming/belief system clearing - Upgrade emotional body to be more porous, clear, less reactive, opening up access to recode painful and traumatic moments with stuck parts & aspects...move from fear to love, tension/anxiety to trust, guilt and shame to remorse and acceptance

July 24 - Relationship resonance - Upgrade from dissonant, codependent/abusive relationships that sustain on 3D social strategies to unity, soul courage, truth telling, authenticity...from judging others to compassionate discernment; from invalidation of self/others to validation even if non-transactable; from clinging to bonding

July 31 - Egypt/Other soul timeline.galactic karmic healing & clearing - Upgrade from karmic suffering loops/recapitulating toxic soul patterns without awareness to reclaiming the soul gifts and accesses that were lost and hijacked to the false light as necessary for the deeper drop into 3D learning ground through bridge to your Gatekeeper (soul guardian/guide)

August 8 - Lion's Gate activation with Kasha joining us - Upgrade to connect to your Divine Self essence to bring into alignment your physical body, emotional body, relationships, Egyptian/other timelines with the upgrades and Ascension codes available now

This series is held with deepest love by Divine Mother and the highest light of the Divine Father with assistance from our/your galactic aspects from Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, and Inner Earth Lemuria (and other higher dimensions/planets) for awakening humans who are ready and aligned to receive the remembrance codes of unity within themselves, in relationships and with the Divine.

This series is offered with the intention and trust that whatever is meant to be received by you (and parts of you) in this moment for your greatest growth will come forward into your awareness, let in by your Inner Protector and Gatekeeper as needed and able to be digested.

You are encouraged to join us live on our FB feeds to join in on and take in the unity field as it unfolds...and to ask questions, leave comments, give/receive some love in the moment with us.

The lovestream series is freely available on Facebook/You Tube, and we gratefully accept donations to support our offerings such as this one and our mission in seeding the 5D divine self embodiment consciousness in the world, plus to align your intentions to receive these upgrades with a monetary exchange. You can offer with other payment options here.

Hope you can join us for a swim in this lovestream!


Raphael and Jelelle Awen


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