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Something Has To Fall Apart In Order To Fall IN During Awakening

Updated: May 21

By Jelelle Awen

Something has to fall apart in order to fall in during awakening.

Falling IN to your sacred human self, your authentic self, your service of love self, your Divine self is a falling away and apart of what was previously constructed and conditioned and created to be in 3D life.

Falling apart is when you see and feel how you are made up of parts actually that have been formed when experiencing the fragmented and dualistic energies of 3D and being unable to digest emotionally and energetically this dissonant frequency.

Falling apart brings up the parts of you that cling, maneuver, are afraid and overwhelmed, so that you can BE with them as a becoming whole version of yourself that is separating from them.

The falling apart can be ‘losing’ or being ‘forced out’ of a previously beloved job/career/livelihood or home (this seems to be happening more lately)…a place that has been a nest that you’ve actually outgrown yet parts of you may not have realized this quite yet. It can feel like life is ‘doing something to you’ in these moments, yet if parts of you are stalling or stuck, the Divine and your Higher Self will give what can feel like a push to move you into your next timeline. This outward home or job/livelihood falls apart and away to bring you more deeply into the sense of your inner home that can never leave you or be taken away.

Or the falling apart can be a long-term relationship or marriage that has been romantically complete for a long time that finally finishes or explodes or implodes. Here, too, you can feel the parts of you that have stayed for the convenience, the reasons and excuses of staying together for children, the ties and binds to a previously comfortable 3D reality, for the security of money. These reasons are not usually about love at all, but for parts of you maybe this relationship has been the only form of love they have previously known, until you introduce them to what pure love feels like and they want more.

The falling apart is loss…..loss of beloved animal companions, friendships, birth family, careers and previous ways of earning money livelihood.

Falling apart is anxiety as parts of you worry about survival, tensions about trusting life and you to provide.

Falling apart sometimes is on the body level with ongoing illness, injury, sickness, fatigue, hormone imbalance…the 3D body seeming to break down, needing so much rest and detox.

Falling apart is ash in the air feelings as you mourn what is gone and may reappear in new forms yet hasn’t quite yet. Allowing for the grieving process to be complex, non-linear, and visceral.

Falling apart is intense emotions too that may be long suppressed. ‘Going crazy’, letting what has been judged as insane shake through and quake through your being.

Falling apart is dark nights where only slight rays of hope and light are coming in, yet something is trusting the navigation and the collapse as temporary.

Falling apart in order to fall IN is where trust and surrender in the Divine holding of ALL your moments and movements comes in. Not just the bliss moments and the receiving moments and the gratitude moments. Yet, too, the mourning moments and the crazy moments and the very painful moments and the anxious moments.

ALL is held in Divine love as phases and stages of your falling IN process to become Sacred Human.

What breaks apart reveals the authentic core of Your Divine Self IN your body that then arises out of the rubble and rumble. This is what love has to look like sometimes in order to get to and release the real, the genuine, and the pure that is just waiting inside of you to be born and rise UP out of the ashes!


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