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Divine Self Embodiment Offerings

We offer powerful, catalytic, yet gentle transmissions and initiations to collaboratively support you in your process of Divine Self Embodiment. We serve souls from all over the world through virtual offerings and locally here in our home in the healing grids of Central Portugal.


Individual Healing Sessions For Self, Soul & Body 

75-90 minutes/ Over Zoom & In Person


"You are all so incredibly gifted in transmitting the feelings and frequencies of your now moments/now experiences interwoven with the somewhere/somewhen of other timelines, all amplified by the whole of your hearts. Your shares are palpable, enveloping and - for me - bring a rush of feelings and soul imprints I had long forgotten. Always timely, always nourishing to the all of me. Thank you for helping me remember to remember.

For anyone who has yet to experience a life-affirming and life-changing session with any one of the amazing BEings at Divine Self Embodiment, I, with my whole heart, encourage you to reach out and experience for yourself. " Nikki Pyle

Nikki Pyle

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