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You are a Sacred Human. You are an arising wonder. You are becoming a fifth dimensional (5D) Human through the process of awakening and ascension along with the planetary consciousness known as Gaia (Earth).

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder offers how this is a challenging time to be a Human here as so many people still live in conscious suffering even as their souls are awakening and they are having life altering spiritual experiences. The healing, awakening, and integration of our emotional bodies WITH our souls is the place we are being invited to go at the cutting edge of our consciousness evolution as Humans who chose as souls to come and BE here during this transformative time. The ultimate purpose and reason for the ascension process is remembered as the service of love WITH others as it overflows from self love and a healthy emotional body and freed up soul.

Author Jelelle Awen offers the BIG picture of what is happening during this phase of ascension from a galactic, yet also personal perspective, which you can also apply to your daily life. Through her connection to her Higher Self, Ethereal Guides, and as a facilitator and teacher for others, she provides loving guidance to navigate as our hearts are invited to vibrate at higher Christ Consciousness frequencies of health from a mature emotional body; as our bodies transition from carbon-based to crystalline; as our souls bring awakening, illumination, meaning and purpose into our awareness; and as our minds let go of 3D conditioning/programming and expand into multidimensional thinking.

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder invites you into feeling how it is your emotional body and the congestions and wounding that remain there which can keep intact a third dimensional, conditioned, self-image based version of you who can block love and keep suffering patterns intact in your life. Undigested traumas from this life and from other lifetimes create fixed energies within your emotional body that form into distinct subpersonalities running on subconscious conditioning programs and fear-based defensiveness. Through connection and negotiation with these parts of you, these energies move, transform, and eventually integrate into your 5D Self. The nonlinear, explorational writings in Sacred Human are both practical and transcendent, offering you guidance as you journey through the often painful, yet ultimately magical process of ascension, awakening, and enlightenment.

Each section offers Jelelle’s loving, catalytic energy to invite you into expanded consciousness around the seven main areas of life: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Financial, and Environmental. Sacred Human covers a prolific creative period for Jelelle, a six month period from January until June, 2017 in which she wrote and shared writings every day.

It is a first companion book to Bliss Mess, which shares Jelelle's writings from June until December, 2017. The writings in Bliss Mess provide both an expansive, very current and progressive context to the overall collective Ascension process AND an intimate window into Jelelle’s world full of multidimensional realities. This book also provides writings about love, sacred femininity, and sacred union with self and your sacred union mate, plus guided meditations to raise your vibrational frequency, clean your chakras, connect with your Inner Protector, and much more. It offers you a visceral feeling sense of becoming Sacred Human AND an arising wonder!​

You can purchase the book here as a PDF or on in print and ebook editions.

Here are the instructions for adding this PDF to read in your kindle device or apps once purchased: 

First find your ‘send to Kindle’ email address. To find your Send to Kindle email address, follow these steps:

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Access Personal Document Settings:

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Then open an email and add the PDF that you wish to add to your kindle device as an attachment to the email. Hit send. 

Go to your Kindle App or device. Sync the device. It will there almost instantly.


    Sacred Human, Arising Wonder Book | Jelelle Awen

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