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Bridge To Your Inner Protector

Guided Meditation Journey & Sound Healing Transmission Virtual Group -

During the group call that happened on June 30th with Raphael and Jelelle, you can purchase the recording to:

EXPLORE: through our teachings/sharings about the Inner Protector and how they shift through the ongoing Divine Self Embodiment process from guard to guide, how your Protector shows up in your life, in relationships and may be blocking/disconnecting you from access to your deeper feelings, vulnerability, and intimacy with yourself and others 

​RECEIVE: through our sound healing transmission with our powerfully cleansing 432HZ crystal sound bowls, drums, chimes, and Divine Union toning/singing/light language & Divine Mother/Father messages/channelings

​JOURNEY: through a guided meditation to bridge to your Inner Protector, begin or deepen your existing connection with them opening up differentiation to allow negotiation, and offer transformation codes through the alchemy of fire and water elements


​RECODE: through powerful and intentional ‘I AM’ affirmation statements individually and together to assist your Protector in upgrading from guard to guide; Divine block to channel; fear to love​

You can take in the recording later in the convenience of your own timing

Open donation, usual is €11
Payment options

Once you offer your donation, we will send you the recording


Note: This group call is included in the monthly membership in our private, online community with exclusive resources called The Portal. More info to become a member here.


Payment Options to receive recording:

1) We most prefer using Wise payment services for many reasons, including zero to very low fees for member transactions. There’s a doc here with some guidance and more info if you'd like to sign up.

2) You can use paypal at Please include in the note section what you are purchasing and your email.

3) Pay by Bank Transfer: Info available upon request to pay by bank transfer using IBAN or SWIFT CODE.

4) If you are Canadian, you can use Interac e-transfer. Info available upon request. It’s also instant and no to minimal service fees to sender or receiver. 

Inner Protector Group Call Recording W/Jelelle & Raphael Awen

11,00 €Price
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