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Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out - book from Jelelle Awen

Humanity has long been in sleepy slumber without awareness of being plugged into a Matrix control system that dominates all areas of our lives with fear-based programming. In this modern age and especially since 2012, Humanity has finally been waking up to unplug from this Matrix and remember its Divine essence as Infinite Love. This book shares a bigger picture of this catalytic phase that so many souls have come to this Earth plane to experience, witness, and support.

This is a time of ongoing Ascension of humanity from third-dimensional (3D) consciousness into transitional fourth-dimensional (4D) consciousness and into heaven-in-the-body fifth-dimensional (5D) consciousness. This is a time that brings up our greatest hopes and our greatest fears, all of which are longing to be embraced with love.

Jelelle Awen serves as a powerful yet gentle Divine Feminine and Galactic Love Ambassador bridge to awaken you to the Matrix reality and connect to the parts of your 3D Self, 4D Self, and 5D Self that most need your love and have the most gifts to offer you as well. As she has done for many souls through her writings and guided meditation transmissions and in hundreds of space-holding sessions and group call events over the years, she now offers you the guidance, insight, and inspiration in this book that have effectively helped transform the deepest traumas with love. She empowers you to activate your inner healer, channeller, and medium to connect with parts of yourself, Ascended Teachers, Galactic beings, and the Divine by providing information, messages, and resources such as journal questions and links to guided meditations.

The truly unique and cutting edge Divine Self Embodiment (formerly SoulFullHeart) Process is lovingly overviewed here, with inspirational stories of Jelelle’s personal awakening journey and those of her clients woven in. The process works on both local, this-life healing levels and also in the Quantum Field of Now with Metasoul Aspects/fragments from other lifetimes, allowing for truly multidimensional transformation.

This book is not just meant to stimulate your mind, yet also to stir your soul and open your heart! You have always been Free To Be! Now, you will be activated to remember that freedom and, given the tools in this book, become truly empowered, with grace and pace, to liberate and unify all parts of you through and with love!

You can purchase the book here as a PDF or on as an ebook, print, and audio book editions.

Here are the instructions for adding this PDF to read in your kindle device or apps once purchased: 

First find your ‘send to Kindle’ email address. To find your Send to Kindle email address, follow these steps:

Go to Amazon: Visit the "Manage Your Content & Devices" page on Amazon.

Access Personal Document Settings:

Click on "Preferences" and then select "Personal Document Settings."

Locate your Kindle email address: Look for the email address ending in "" listed beside your Kindle device. (Note: You can edit this email address to make it easier to remember ie. 

Then open an email and add the PDF that you wish to add to your kindle device as an attachment to the email. Hit send. 

Go to your Kindle App or device. Sync the device. It will there almost instantly.


    Free To Be 5D Book | Jelelle Awen

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