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Unleashing Your Sorrow To Attain Your Joy

You can’t really uncap your true joy without uncapping your sadness or sorrow.

Your deep joy essence is part of your emotional body, your emotional being. But so are feelings of sadness and sorrow that parts of us are often resistant to feeling, that have been compartmentalized for safe keeping.

The problem is though that there is no ‘safe keeping’ for unwanted feelings indefinitely. The part of you who feels those feelings wants to be felt, connected with and known.

As you become more willing to explore these so called ‘negative emotions’ (which are so tired of being ‘negated’), you also open up your native deep, rich and profound joy channels.

As we are journeying here as souls in a remembrance journey of yearning to experience more of our divine soul essence being embodied, it means that sadness, sorrow and missing will need to be an equal part of the propulsion system on that journey, right up there with the true joys of homecoming. You can’t be getting glimpses of a paradise lost and a paradise regained without feelings of deep missing.

All of it wants to be allowed in the moment, in the now. I have found this reconciliation of my sorrow to be an ongoing challenge to any parts of me still holding onto conditioning that I should somehow be beyond sorrow. Entering that friction inside always opens me up to new joys.

The good news is that these sorrows or sadnesses won’t actually swallow you whole, contrary to how parts of you have positioned their resistance to opening up to your sorrow. Your divine self always offers a rate and pace that you can bear, along with the answers of deep joy right alongside of it all.

The courage this requires however is truly significant because our Inner Gatekeepers and Inner Protectors really don’t know how much gas there is in your tank to complete this journey. Nor do they know how deep or arduous the journey will be.

This can only be consciously and directly negotiated with these aspects of yourself which becomes the assurance of the possibility of this journey as well as the assurance of the outcome.

I find it so hugely rewarding to open my heart to others pain in service and dedicated 1:1 session space with individuals who are ready for these kinds of inward journeys. The courage they find, the desire and readiness they demonstrate fuels my own journey. Info on me and the work I offer and the community around it all is here:

Being willing to bear these deeper joys and the deeper sorrows are all actually the divine's own expression and experience through us and with us!

Love to you in all you are willing to feel and move through in your service to love, your service to yourself and your service to me!


This gorgeous flower I found yesterday was growing just down the way in our village, flourishing even amongst the subdued weather and delayed spring this year.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the Divine Self Embodiment Process. Please visit for more information and inspiration. 


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