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Three Years In Portugal: Our Port Of Grail, Arc, and Safe Sanctuary

Three years ago, we arrived here in Portugal with very little sense of how it would be here or even much orientation to this country at all before then. We had received guidance in April, 2021 that it was time to move on from Glastonbury, UK and yet to stay in Europe to serve here, especially to connect to the soul grids and soul family here. Portugal came up as the 'doorway to the grail', more sustainable/affordable living, better weather, and to connect to it as a beloved coastal landing space for the Magdalenes.

We followed this guidance as we always do when major life changes come through from the Divine....with a sense of surrender and a bit of tension/fear in parts of us too that we needed to be with and respond to. Raphael and I had envisioned that we would spend the summer moving throughout the country, camping and staying in places as we were guided until the fall when we would settle somewhere as community.Instead the strong frequencies of Gaia here along with a deep need to digest our karmic healing and soul activation experiences in Glastonbury/Avalon guided us to spend the entire summer in one campground in Northern Portugal and to live there as a community. We humbled to living in tents for three months, letting Nature teach and guide us. The purity and high frequency of the river; the sheer beauty of the mountains; the warmth of the people...all of it worked on us at deep levels of clearing and healing. We did very few sessions during this time and took pretty much a full break from posting online as well. After summer was over, we moved into the two beautiful spaces in this village in remote central Portugal that we still live in now. Mimosa house (Named after a bright yellow flower that blooms here in mountains in the Spring) has now been the home temple for Raphael and I for over two and a half years…the longest we have ever lived in one place together. And now, Jasper, Raianna and Kasha all live in this village with us in Regina house, a lovingly renovated Portuguese village home that is right next to a sweet Mother Mary church! Settling into this mountain valley near our beloved Mont Alto vortex (with Mother Mary chapel on top) has felt like being held in Divine Mother's nest as the deep Marian frequencies here invited us to go more monk like and inward. We've held two-day long healing groups here as a community exploring emotional, soul, and energy healing together since we’ve settled here (with different and shifting configurations of members), several Gathering retreats on the Equinox/Solstices (with souls coming from all over the world to join us) and now sound healing/guided meditation evenings with locals since January.

As soon as we moved into our 'yellow light ship' house, we experienced a deep reunion experience with a local stray black cat who claimed us immediately and we named Ravyn. We were taken on deep soul remembrance journeys with her as we invested in her health (and a bit costly vet bill) and committed to caring for her the rest of her life. She has become our beloved temple cat, offering so much loving to us, activating our heart chakras, and in sessions now too. We couldn't imagine our life without her! Her mate Leo (a very big and kind hearted ginger cat) joined us as well, along with his offspring, the golden child Tania (named after our beloved Lusitania - Roman/Celt name for this region of Central Portugal.) All three cats came to us and chose us as rescues/feral/neglected. And now Jasper, Kasha and Raianna have two cats plus feeding/caring for the local feral colony of cats here in the village. Our service has naturally extended to the feline community here too!

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a shift inside us and as a community to more outbound activity, sharing, and timeline shifts of deeper service again to those souls who are drawn. We have renamed/recoded ourselves from SoulFullHeart (which felt more like the manifestation of me and my priestess) to Divine Self Embodiment (which feels like the true co-alchemy coming together of Raphael and I, plus the other core beloveds here.) Jasper joined us this year, reunited with his beloved Raianna, and bringing his unique many talents/gifts, joy, and BIG heart to us. Kasha and Raianna continue to be core students, facilitators in training, daughters and sisters with us…seeding this consciousness into the grids with their embodiment of it. In this moment, I feel a deep appreciation for Portugal, the port-of-the- grail and how it has embraced us, supported us, and held us through a necessary digestion and retraction phase. The culture shock has been real at times plus the challenge of the language. Yet, the energies here are both ancient and progressive.

New Earth is seeding here too, which is why it draws so many 'ego-immigrants' to come here and live off-grid. I have the sense that this country really is planting the possibilities of New Earth/New Lemuria in a way that is unique in all of the world. Through connection with beloved local sacred sites such as Bussaco Forest and Monastery, Fraga da Pena, and more, we have never felt more grounded and connected to Gaia and our soul lineage as we do here. 

From the moment Raphael and I crossed the border into Portugal and first put our feet in its crystal clear waters, we have felt like we were held in a golden code bubble of protection by the Magdalenes, Lemurians and our soul family. We are blessed to have been guided here as it has been 'easy' to be here and I look forward to the deepenings to come here as a community and within myself! Many more sharings to come from here!


Jelelle Awen


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