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Collapsing Grounds During Your Awakening To Love

To follow love's call is to go into unknown places that need the sound, the frequency, the healing, the relieving....need the drop into deep FEELING that only love can offer.

This ground is unknown for a phase....this loved in ground. As it becomes more familiar and safe, as you move out of your head and into your heart, out of coping and into allowing, out of avoiding and into confronting.....this ground becomes your new life and rumbles through the 'old'.

Love rumbles through and collapses over and over what parts of you have become settled into, what you have previously shrunk to or managed or controlled.

There are ash in the air, grief and mourning feelings during this transition into love and into the soul and into the heart life. You are holding funerals for versions of your old self as it drops away and the old life burns down.

You are shedding skins, taking off masks, dropping strategies and letting go, letting go, letting go.

You are death duala and midwife. You are the angel that shows these dying versions of you the way to a heaven where they can be reborn in Divine love.

If you are following love and holding it all with love, you can trust that what is fading, burning, collapsing, pushing up is meant to be. Only that which is based on the new, only that which is based in love, can arise out of your soul's awakening.

Only that which is real and authentic can sustain in your life now.

Through the pain of letting go is then the letting in of authentic arisement of Divine joy, desire, bliss, magic, intimacy, and pleasure. Letting in of Divine trust, surrender, worthiness, goodness, soul gifts, and sense of purpose.

These love anchored frequencies are the emotional and spiritual foundations of your new form that replaces the old fear-based ones.

These are the transaction grounds that your arising Divine Self experiences in all of the relationships in your life IN your body.

These are, more and more, your everyday reality of reality in a NEW world made by love for love and with love.


Jelelle Awen

More info about 1:1 Divine self embodiment sessions to feel/be/heal/process the letting go, the letting in and the becoming love at sessions

More writings like this in my books


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